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As part of our Web Advertising Services, we sift through millions of websites to find the best places for your web advertising, then handle the other details to prevent your message from getting lost.

Our extensive research pays close attention to the demographic profiles of your most likely customers on the Web. We book the Ad space, working to secure the best positions for your banners, skyscrapers and other web advertising.

Once online ads are booked, we provide complete, in-house serving, hosting and reporting services on your Web advertising.

In addition to traditional Web Advertising services, we also offer Placement Targeting banner advertising through Google Content Network. One of the benefits of Placement Targeting advertising is that you Pay-per-Click rather than CPM.

The new addition to our Web Advertising services is Social Media advertising. With the growth of Social Media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn and the geo-demographic segmentation capabilities that they offer to advertisers, Web advertising on the social media sites should become an integral part of the online marketing mix.