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Our IT Service Guarantees

The IntegrityTeks Inc Guarantee outlines our commitment to removing your worry about IT in your business. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your computer and network systems are reliable, affordable, easy to use and that your data is protected. Out-source all your IT needs; we can look after all your technology needs so you can focus on your business.

Reliability Guarantee:
• We are available during regular business hours and after-hours
• We respond to critical support requests within 30 minutes
• We keep up to date on current and future technologies
• We promise to start fixing your computer within 24 hours
• Computer rebuilds or new systems within 48 hours

• Competitive rates
• Affiliation with numerous suppliers
• Wide range of products and services
• Competitive pricing on products
• Fair billing practices

How We Simplify IT For You:
• Problems and solutions are explained in non-technical terms
• We explain your options so you can make an informed decision
• Regular updates on the status of our progress
• Ensure that any reported problems are dealt with before we leave
• We keep up to date on current and future technologies
• Next day follow up

Data Protection:
• We help ensure that your systems are protected
• Proactive protection against viruses and spyware
• Ensure your data is protected and available if disaster strikes
• Provision of systems and data redundancy
• Network and systems anaylsis to avert disaster

Quality of Service Guarantee:
We guarantee that we'll provide you with quality service each and every service call.

You can expect:
• 99.9% Uptime Guarantee on web hosting and email services
• 100% Data protection & availability • 24/7 Email Support
• 24/7 Live Telephone & Live Chat Support
• Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed