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IT Training

So you have first-rate personnel but they need extra training to meet existing business requirements. This basic computer training may be precisely what you require. We haven’t seen any worker yet who wasn’t endeavoring to become more constructive, make their next performance more efficient, create a more useful website, or trace their clients more effectively. We can show your employees how to oversee, administer and maneuver data or even enhance skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or additional programs.

Individual PC’s have turned out to be an important device in daily use. There is barely a space where the subject of computers doesn’t turn up. Everybody appears to need to understand computers. If you have the perfect employee who needs a small brush up on their basic computer skills, we can help.

We can provide Training on:
* How to store business data
* How to perform online research
* The ins and outs of using online and system Help
* Where to store data on local or network drives
* Working With Microsoft Outlook
* Working with Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
* Best business practices when dealing with confidential data